We're bitter, so you can be happy.

Learn more about our botanic bitters and find out where to buy.

Please visit us on Etsy to purchase right now!

If you are lucky enough to live in Portland, we're happy to now be available at Whole Foods. You can find us at the well-appointed Division Wines The Meadow and New Deal Distillery's Tasting Room! Or, head over to Pairings Portland Wine Shop (455 NE 24th Ave; Portland) and pick up a bottle. Our botanic bitters are also available wholesale through Aloha Juice. We'll soon be available through Provvista  

If you're eager for a taste, drop on by the Driftwood Room (729 SW 15th Ave; Portland) and enjoy one of their classic cocktails. Our aromatic bitters are featured in the Smokey Manhattan, the Kentucky Gentleman and -- if you're lucky -- Dealer's Choice. Creations are happening at Laurelhurst Cafe (4611 E Burnside St.; Portland), as they move into the realm of brunch cocktails!

Are you in Seattle? We look forward to The Bar Shoppe opening early 2015. They're going to carry lots of fun artisan bar goods AND teach classes.

Thanks for your support. We'll be seeing you soon.