Portland Bitters Project (PBP) was born in Autumn, 2013.  Since then, we've been hard at work creating cocktail bitters and herbal tinctures.  You can send us a note anytime at hello@pdxbittersproject.com.

Bitters.  What does that really mean?  It all starts with organic, therapeutic-grade botanicals (roots, leaves, fruit, sometimes seeds!).  These are immersed in over-proof spirits and allowed to steep until all their goodness is infused in the liquid.  The botanicals are then strained out, and we're left with tinctures, which are blended together in small batches.  Raw cane sugar is added to round out the flavor on the palate.  Now, magic can happen with a drop or a dash.  Cocktails are a natural direction, and just a little soda water is a refreshing vehicle.  Explore our recipe page for other inspirations (even culinary uses like PBP Swanky Nuts).